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VSAT, DTH, Inmarsat Principle

VSAT, DTH, Inmarsat Principle

Satellite communication system is a communcation system that data can be transmitted/ received by using satellite.

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Satellite communication sytem includes: Earth section, space section (satellite) and command/control section.

Data can be coded/ decoded, modulated/ de-modulated, power amplified, frequency converted in Earth section where Transmit station (Tx- ES) and Receive Station (Rx-ES) placed.

We have 

The Staff in Vietthong Development and Service Co, LTD (INSYS) with more than 20 years of experimences have implemented many projects related to this field in fixed ES or portable ES for end-users such as: VNPTnet (formerly known as International Telecommunication Company), Ho Chi Minh City Television Station. Ho Chi Minh City, VTC Television, Hanoi University of Technology, ... At here, we provided solutions related to signal processing equipment in baseband (Datum system, Datacomtech), C-band, Ku-band  Blockup converter (Actox, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Advantech), high power amplifier with SSPA technology (Actox, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Advantech), received/transmit antenna (Antesky, GDSatcom, Ultra Gigasat, ASC, Sat-lite, ...), low-noise amplifiers and LNB (Norsat, SPC,...)

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