Started in 2002, INSYS, a System Integrator, a specialized provider of comprehensive solutions in the fields of electric - electron., telecommunication, broadcasting – television, test and measuring devices, Data Center Infrastructure, accessories... We have built on our...

We are honored to offer

Data Communication by using: Satellite Transmission, Microwave Transmission, Wireless Transmission, Fiber Transmission and Leased - Line Transmission
We offer many kinds of service and Accessories, such as: reparing service, broadcast rental, cables and connectors, test and measurings service, ...
Including: drywall system, raised floor system, automatic fire protection system, power distribution system (distribution cabinet, uninterruptible power supply system - UPS), cooling system, exact air conditioner
Includes: Studio Equipments, Transmission Solution, Audio & video Processing Products, Audio & Video Monitoring Products, Storage Products
We can provide these following solutions: IPTV system, Satellite/ Wireless/ Fiber Optical/ Mobile communication systems, Power Distribution and Data Center Infrastructure, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) level product opportunities with domo technology at their core - for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications, Video and Audio Monitoring system for MCR and Studio, Broadcast Camera Crane and Others related to Security and Defense
Over many years of business and development, the company's products and services have been trusted and widely used by information and communication companies, group, Television Station, we are very proud of partnership with many manufacturers in the world.