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75 ohm digital video coaxial Cable (L-CHD Series)


Model: (L-CHD Series)


Canare 75 ohm precision digital video cables, offers the professional Broadcaster a high performance, 100% Sweep Tested, low cost, low loss coax that meets the demands of today's facility migration trends toward Serial Digital Video and HDTV standards.
Highly-foamed PE insulation allows further improvement in the attenuation characteristics.
Multi-layer insulation in which to each layer is given a different foaming ratio is used to increase strength.
Tinned copper braid with aluminum foil brings excellent shielding.
L-2.5CHD is ideal for internal rack wiring.
Flame resistance UL 1666 Riser (L-2.5CHD, L-4.5CHD, and L-5CHD)

HD-Serial Digital Video
Satellite Head Ends
HDTV Upgrades
Broadband Facilities
SMPTE 259M, 292M,424M"

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